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Welcome to the most beautiful beaches in the world.



 Local American Car Service


This company is private. We absolutely do not need your money. We exclude potential and past car service customers based on risk to safety among other reasons. We do not serve criminals. Masks are not accepted. You pay $100 extra on the side of the road for having on your face, a mask, in the vehicle. Or you get out.You reveal who you are at all times. You give me your full name in text and I might check your identification to see if it matches and if it does not, you get out or may pay a lot extra. We don't deal with unknown people.

   Antifa is not accepted. Big tech employees, former and current, are subject to substantial upcharges or on the side of the road you may go. Media Company workers are subject to huge upcharges and or side of the road you may go. I can't let my standards or reputation be destroyed.

   Any person that has participated in a violent protest where fire was started, someone got hurt, or something was broken or scuffed up, you are banned. 

   Crooked lawyers, crooked politicians crooked big tech, crooked big Pharma, you are banned.  fbi, cia, and other government agents, you owe, $10,000 each. crooked politicians and judges, you owe: 100 million dollars.

    About the name:  I created the trademark:  we evolve toward love® in 2011...  I established the trademark to help those that believe there must be another, believe because love is here, it is there, and through everywhere. So these four words are meant to give strength, this message is strong. If you thought "to love" is weak, you are mistaken...The "much more in life" most seek, you will find when you give in.  we are opposed to cunning and deceit

check this information for iq test.

   1) You can't escape a cold virus so masks are stupid. Eventually it will find you. The cold virus is living somewhere unknown, emerging, spreading, being dormant, in uncountable forms, living in animals or somewhere. Where it comes from, where it goes, you doctors don't know that do you? You doctors don't know a lot I know that. 

  2) There are trillions upon trillions of stars just in the visible night sky. Uncountable stars. There are extra terrestrials ETs that are far more advanced than us here. now. been here. the whole time.

  3) The corrupt governments of the world hide the existence of extraterrestrial beings and technology. 

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