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Welcome to the most beautiful beaches in the world.


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Local American Taxi Service

     This is a privately owned, independent, local, American taxi service. I am the owner and driver. I am also conveniently located on Laguna Beach which is just west of Panama City Beach. My location is only 15-20 minutes from the ECP airport and only about 10 minutes from Rosemary Beach. There is no middleman driver when you deal with me. People are surprised when they see the prices on the "service trip menu" page because my prices are often much better than transportation network companies. The service trip menu shows prices from the airport to your exact beach destination. This is a long thin island area of tourists not a big populated city. Because of this, there are NOT a lot of rideshare vehicles available. My reviews are excellent and go back for years on google maps.  I do offer a discount for the early morning airport rides where people want to be picked up from 30A beaches from 3:30AM to 4:30AM for their ride to ECP airport. Just mention you saw this on the website.  Look at my reviews on google maps... they are great and they go back for years. So instead of worrying if you'll be able to get a rideshare just set up your ride with me the day before. Thanks Tommy (850) 238-6899

    About the name:  I created the trademark:  we evolve toward love® in 2011... This is what I believe.  I established this trademark to help those of this world that believe there must be more, more out there,  And for those that Believe because love is here, it is there, and through everywhere. So these four words are meant to give strength, this message is strong..If you thought, "to love", is weak, you are mistaken...The "much more in life" you seek, you will find, when you give in.  we are opposed to cunning and deceit.

   Click the White Box above on mobile phones or "Service Trip Menu" Tab above for the ECP Airport Prices

Government is supposed to be, of the people, by the people, and for the people. ALL current and previous silicon valley employees and media companies are subject to immediate ban and disembarkment.

Inspired by Judicial Watch...Donate here to we evolve toward love® and support me in my fight to end and expose government corruption, oppression by rich elites, abuse of power by government entity employees, coverups by the evil government and crooked fake news.  Help me expose the terrorist sympathizers and America hating racist malignant cancers here in Bay County Florida. Getting rid of the greedy corrupt establishment must be done at the local level first. This town is overrun with filthy crooked government sewer maggots and there will be no stopping until the America hating evil is exposed.

   The second and maybe equally important cause is to unearth and reveal to all beings the hidden forbidden truth of our real history that the ridiculous, stupid, hate filled, ape-people governments of the world is hiding. The pyramids were not made with pick axe slaves.(laughable-insane...maybe that mud brick one) There was technology far more advanced long ago before the last ice age. The extra terrestrials are here and have been watching all along. The idea that among trillions upon trillions of stars,"earth is IT"...is less than apelike thinking. Yes that is what i said. Even apes know better. There is still no real advanced technology out in the open here. There are those that gaze at the stars between the bannana branches in the jungle and say, "no way we are it." I am a person who believes. I want to know what they(the liar government) knows. I am the one who wants to open up the chest of the crooked lying world government and reveal all their innard secrets for all the people to see. The idiot snow apes that waste their time with wishes of rocket technology rides to mars are complete embacils and are being mentally abused by the billionaires.  Lying NASA and the evil government in DC has destroyed our democracy and the free spirit of the people. Both democrat and republican are to blame and must pay dearly. GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION DESTROYS CAPITALISM.  Don't you see it is all a scam to get tax payer(your) money? There will be no rocket trip to mars, autonomous vehicles, or flying taxis. They laugh at you. The billionairs and politicians will get rich and then when the market crashes, they will be rich still while almost everyone else will be hungry-cold and poor. And all the money, all the money, wasted on lies. If you want to know the truth join me in taking the politicians and silicon valley down. Computers should be free. Phones should be free. Let's make them pay. DONATE NOW.  The snows will melt but I will not stand by and submit to tyranny of a secret lying government. The truth must be revealed and all involved must pay the price for deceit.silicon valley employees are subject to immediate ban.

Donate for 'we evolve toward love®' to find out.

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